Lamu Cultural Festival

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The 13th Annual Lamu Cultural Festival took place November 21-24, 2013. We checked out events in Mkunguni Square. Cheered for one of our travel companions as she joined the Casa dhow crew, one of 3 dhows from Shela, for the sailing competition. And cheered for our guides donkey, Bruce, in the donkey race. I enjoyed observing spectators getting creative in how to observe the races. In trees, on rooftops. Not like here in Indianapolis where we rent grand stands for traditional seating. It was more fun.

We manage to run into the Governor¬†Issa Timamy. We have brief introductions and when he learns we are from The States, he asks us to “tweet” about Lamu and the great time we are having. Would have never expected to hear that as so far, no one we had met on the island was on twitter or had regular access to Wi-Fi. But to tweet, we shall.


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