Lake Nakuru National Park

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We visit with staff and patients that make up The Village Cooperative  (TVC) sponsored Medical Center in Nakuru.  The staff is meticulous at maintaining records of how many patients they serve and tracking diseases. We take a hike up to the internally displaced persons (IDP) camp. 75 families live here living out of tents made up of tarps that desperately need to be replaced. These families were displaced after Kenya’s post-election violence in late 2007. They are still waiting for the government to place them. TVC is raising to supply the families with much needed blankets and food as of this writing. Fundraising goal: 25 US per family or $1875. Donate here (and note that you’d like to support the Nakuru IDP Camp).

We stay at Lake Nakuru Lodge, one of two lodges actually inside Lake Nakuru National Park. We partake in a morning safari and spot zebra, white rhino and a leopard! It was surreal to watch all of the zebra and gazelles call to one another to warn their herds. All eyes on this plain are in the direction of the leopard. A panoramic sight to be enjoyed from our vehicle. He hides in the bush from the buffalo. They spot him and chase him into a tree.

We visit the Jacaranda Girl’s Home on our way back to the lodge. The home houses over 30 girls learning agricultural skills. The fruits and vegetables grown here are sold to Nakuru Lodge for meals. What a treat to see our little farm to table.


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