Must we say, Adios?

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Spent the day in La Esquela de Arte with Carlos, Thelma, Antoinetta and Jose. Cristin taught the class a new paint form. The students, ages 7 to 14, were quick to adapt.

Carlos and Thelma hosted us for lunch. A truly authentic Guatemalan dish and las chicas made tortillas. The maize is taken to be ground in the village to bring back and make fresh tortillas. When Antoinetta’s 3-year-old son grabbed a tortilla he said, “this is gringo tortilla.” Hilarious. After lunch, back to La Esquela de Arte to host over 50 kids in the village, not already enrolled in the la esquela de arte. We hosted them to Domino’s pizza (yes, Domino’s) and ice cream. Some of the kids had never had pizza before. One conversation overheard was a young girl saying, she didn’t want to eat the pizza as she didn’t know if she’d like it. Some of the kids saved a piece, maybe both of their pieces to take back home to share with their family.

On our final night in town, we hosted Mark and Gina Schmidt and family as well as Brock and Kerrie Johnson and family. Carlos, Thelma and their family as well as Antoinetta and Jose and their family including their son, celebrating his birthday. We ended the night with worship and a discussion of what this trip means. What will we take home. I think that our commitment to Shepherd Community Center weighed heavy on our hearts.

The folks that we have met here in Guatemala have big hearts, very hospitable and gracious. A true pleasure.


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