Indianapolis: 40,000 downtown residents by 2020

I would like to propose we start at ExactTarget. Mr. Scott Dorsey, what can we do to encourage your employees to live closer to work, downtown Indianapolis?

Tony Hsieh, Zappos, Plan to Rebuild Downtown Vegas

We’re standing in the Downtown Cocktail Room, the epitome of a hipster San Francisco bar: hot young locals lounging on sofas, sipping cocktails with names like ‘Sniff Happens’ and ‘Persephone’s Pomme’; moody lighting; bathroom stalls with two-way mirrors so you can look out as you pee; half of the people in here work for an Internet company. You know the drill.

The only difference is, we’re not in San Francisco. We’re in Las Vegas. And all of these Internet people work for Zappos, the Internet shoe retailer that relocated here from San Francisco in 2004. Cont…

Washington, D.C. Offers $12,000 to People Who Move Near Work

Sure, in a perfect world, we’d all live near work. A short commute saves time and money and makes it easy to bike or walk to the office. But in the real world there are lots of factors affecting where we choose to live, and work is only one of them. Perhaps moving to be near your job would be more appealing if it came with $12,000 dollars. Cont…

Detroit’s Project 14

Detroit Police officers that do not live within the city limits now have more of an incentive to move back to the Motor City.

Mayor Dave Bing’s Project 14 program that offers incentives to police officers to get them to buy a home and move back to the city is expanding to include two more neighborhoods – North Rosedale Park and Green Acres.

“I think the reason that we wanted to expand into two other neighborhoods is because there weren’t enough homes in the first two neighborhoods. So we looked at homes into some other neighborhoods where they showed an interest and I think that’s going to be very positive,” says Bing. Project 14 already included East English Village and Boston-Edison areas. Cont…


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