Conversations at bars. First Edition.

MacNiven’s. Haggis. Craft brews. Scotch and Patrick, tending bar. What’s not to like? The Haggis, oh my it had been too long. I enjoyed it with a taste of the youngest scotch I have ever had, aged 3 years. Who knew. But with the description: ‘youthful, peat and smoke.’ I knew it was for me. Spot on. The last time I had Haggis was in 1998. I worked an event at Christ Church Cathedral with my friend Elizabeth. It was prepared there. I watched and assisted from start to finish.

My roommate and I went to MacNiven’s specifically for Sun King Brewing’sTIMMIE, oaked imperial stout. I had it before, but was craving more. Oh wow, how the flavor of vanilla oak, deep fruit maybe even a hint of lavender come out of it as it warms. This is a big one at 10%ABV so proceed with caution. I met a gentleman named Kevin. He was visiting Indianapolis for the first time. In town for business. I love to chat with first timers on what did you expect Indianapolis to be like and what have you noticed since you have been here. He ordered a Highland Scotch with a splash of water. He’s in town for the week for training. In town from Washington DC suburbs, married. Kevin was pleasantly surprised by how accessible the city was on foot as he had walked to MacNiven’s from Rock Bottom. I went into tour guide mode. Did you know that Indianapolis is #2 behind DC for a city with the most monuments? I had learned he was into beer and recommended Tomlinson Tap Room and a brewery visit at Sun King Brewing. We spoke about the history of Indianapolis, Universities, residential population. For those of you in Indianapolis, what are you excited to share about our fair city with people you meet at bars?

Another gentleman sat down next to me. He ordered a Lagavulin 16 year, neat. We were meant to be friends. He had his yellow note pad and was there to get some work done. I later learned he was making notes for a book. I learned that he was in the business of trees. Who would have thought, starting a business in trees? He travels to consult cities and companies on selecting the right trees. He’s in Indianapolis maybe two times a year. He started his business 8 years ago. Great conversation that just kept leaping into deeper thoughts on business and entrepreneurship. Passion. I could tell he liked to have conversations at bars. He filled my cup a little bit and I him. Would you like another he asked. Nah, I need to head home. What is your name? Mark. Well, Mark, it was a pleasure.

My oh my, how I love Conversations at bars.


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