Take a Stand Against Discounting

Today’s Indianapolis Groupon is a half off $25 for food options at one of my favorite places in town, Ball & Biscuit. You’d think I’d be pumped and stock up on these Groupon’s to get half off my food order for eternity (I’m sure there is a limit to 5 or something). But, I HATE DISCOUNTING.

The Only Vote That Matters is Where You Spend Your Dollar

Today’s Groupon isn’t necessarily a bad set up, as chances are if you were planning to buy only one drink, you will now buy two. (We can get into the debate on whether or not a Free Lunch exists or not…) But as far as attracting a brand new regular customer, I think that chance is slim. So, what’s the point?

Where did this idea of discounting start? When did discounting begin by way of a manipulation tactic to the American consumer? Do you think about this? The American consumer is trained to spend, spend and spend some more. I challenge you to go against your must have it right now impulses. Spend what you can afford and spend on quality. It’s quality over quantity, no?

I want to pay a fair price for a good or service, well… for exactly what it is worth. Do you think about all that goes into your good or service? A restaurant is a good place to start because we all know how important food is by now. How are you supporting our food system? I want quality food at a fair price. If we as consumers buy into constant discounting what suffers? The quality of our food. Or what about the hands that go into preparing this food from crop to your plate? Will your neighbor earn a fair wage? I believe when we are going after the deals and constant discounting our neighbors are now no longer making a fair wage, they are making way less. Have you thought about this? We are shooting ourselves in the foot by way of our wages when we are so bargain hungry.

I’m not only speaking of Restaurants. Let’s take handbags for example. A question for the ladies, how many handbags do you purchase…in a year?? In a quick Google search, Cha Cha answered that the average woman buys 3 handbags a year. How much are these bags on average (just looking at target.com looks like the average price may be $35 per) So $105 per year spent on purses. I have been walking around with a simple black, all leather Coach purse since December 2003. That’s 8 years. Probably, $300. It’s still in great shape and see myself with it for at least another 2 years.

Number of Purses            Money Spent on Purses

1 year                  3                                          $105

5 years               15                                         $525

8 years              24                                         $840

10 years            30                                         $1050

Man, I could go into a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle diatribe here, but I won’t ; ) I only write this post in hope that you reading will think about your purchases and how you are making your dollar count!

*I should side note that I have purchased one Groupon, the Climb Time deal, 3 sessions, for what, $20? I remember that day, someone forwarded it to me knowing I would be interested in it. I contemplated making the purchase until the deadline.

If I had one cause in this lifetime, this would be it. How are you making your dollar count?


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