Trade Shows: Walk Away with the Best Results

It is trade show season.  You have made a significant investment in booth space at a trade show.  What can you do to maximize your investment.

#1 People First.  Never let your booth sit empty.  Hire great people, you need personalities that will engage traffic walking by and not just when you are standing there watching them. Make sure to write out your expectations so your employees understand what the expectations are.

#2 Educate your people and visitors, keep you message simple whether it verbal or on your marketing materials.  If you need more than a one-liner to describe your product, turn your simple message into a list, easy to read.  Do not overwhelm someone with too much information, you are the specialist.  Understand the clients need and address that.

#3 Collect email addresses!!  Either make a nice list template on your computer or have contact sheets labeled with important information, perhaps if you are engaging someone with an enter to win program.

#4 Observe from the customer’s perception.  Of course you are excited about your product and want to share everything you know and bring everything you have to showcase at your booth.  Take a step back and literally, walk by your booth as if you are a customer, what is it that will draw that customer in, make sure to get rid of anything that may turn them away…i.e. too many people working your booth? too much paperwork at your booth, and make sure to stand up, sit up straight, look like you want to be there!

#5 How will you measure success?  Are you looking to sell X amount of product? Make X amount of appointments?  Put this in writing and hold yourself accountable.

#6 Relax and have fun!!  It will show!


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