Dear Pistachio

I have supported you during your salmonella scare.  Today was the first day I looked at you on the shelf and moved on to continue my shopping.  With the announcement that Levi Johnston is one of your spokespeople has left me in shock and got me to thinking.  When do people start to acquire a taste for pistachio’s?  Well, here in the midwest it seems we start with pistachios in our ice creams at a younger age.  The pistachio is a nut you don’t start out with, you grow into it.  With Mr. Johnston as your spokesperson, it appears you are reaching a 13-17 year old consumer.  I would have picked cheap spokespeople from The Apprentice Season 1.  Targeting the 26-34 year old female.  One who is making educated grocery shopping decisions and is looking to eat healthier and move on to the sophisticated nut.  This young professionals group most likely watched The Apprentice when it first came out as they were imagining who they would become, but be careful we are not talking the celebrity version that we see today.  Good Luck to you Pistachio, I am sure our paths will cross again.


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